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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


one of our important thing is BESTFRIEND ,maybe someone has or maybe someone doesnt because they think their friend are useless.well,im not.
my bestfriend forever until jannah <3
*this is my berry berry  bestfriend,i love her.her name is AWATIF
 -she's pretty
-she's smart
-she's kind :)

*thats me with my best buddy,lol she's the one who wear the black scarf.SHAFEENAZ is her name <3
-she's kinda close to me
-she like to tell me secrets but there are somes that she refused to tell
-we always think the same thinggss

*this is my besttt friendd tooooo,i love herr
-she understands my feeling
-she' always give me advise
-and praise me...
=sorry the picture is quiet dark because i editted it ;)

*this is my miss-know-it-all bestfriend
-she seems to know all about things that i love
-she's really kinddd
-she easelly LAUGHED,thats why i like her

all of the above is my current bestfriend and also, i wanted to share to about my bestfriend who has left me and study abroad (sounds sad):'(

*my most lovable friend.i cried alot when i think of her
-she's adorable,
-she super duper kind
-she always comfort me and she always BE WITH ME WHEN IM ALONE
-I miss her
the day before she moved abroad we cried alott ,only us together, cry in the middle of the field,nobody cares of us crying there actually.and the next time i cried and the rain is falling down :'(
sorry if i sound pathetic
=please dont give much attention to the over-zoomed picture.now i really hate zoomed picture alot

i will always love them <3

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